스키&스노우보드 스쿨

앗피 스키&스노우보드 스쿨은 시대와 함께 장비의 진화나 다양화, 환경 변화등에 따라 「새롭게・즐겁게・과학적으로」를 모토로 레슨을 실시하고 있습니다.
극상의 설질을 자랑하는 앗피고원에서의 레슨이라면 금방 실력이 향상될 수 있음을 약속드립니다!
※사전 예약 필수.
※외국어 대응 가능 강사 수가 한정되어있으니 가능한 빨리 문의 전화 부탁드립니다.

스키・스노우보드 스쿨 예약 신청버튼

프라이빗 훈련 과정

과정 기간:(스키장 개장〜스키장 폐장)

Program Timetable Number of people Price
Short-term Course Program Morning 80 8:30-9:50 1 14,000 JPY
2-3 17,000 JPY
4-6 20,000 JPY
Evening 80
* Night time
Business days only
16:00-17:20 1 14,000 JPY
2-3 17,000 JPY
4-6 20,000 JPY
AM Course Programs Private Lesson
10:30-12:30 1 23,000 JPY
2-3 30,000 JPY
4-6 35,000 JPY
Private Lesson
9:30-12:30 1名 33,000 JPY
2-3 40,000 JPY
4-6 45,000 JPY
PM Course Programs Private Lesson
13:30-15:30 1 21,000 JPY
2-3 26,000 JPY
4-6 31,000 JPY
Private Lesson
* Night time
Business days only
13:30-16:30 1 31,000 JPY
2-3 36,000 JPY
4-6 41,000 JPY
1Day Course Program Business days only
4h / 1Day
1 42,000 JPY
2-3 50,000 JPY
4-6 60,000 JPY
Private Lesson
5h / 1Day
Free time schedule
* Without of nighttime business days
Until 16:00
1 52,000 JPY
2-3 60,000 JPY
4-6 70,000 JPY
Private Lesson
6h / 1Day
Free time schedule
* Without of nighttime business days
Until 16:00
1 64,000 JPY
2-3 76,000 JPY
4-6 85,000 JPY


  • 由持有資格的外國人教練,以及英語對應可能的日本人教練授課。
  • 對應雙板滑雪、單板滑雪
  • 面向年齢4歳以上
  • 7名以上的人數由2名教練授課
  • 纜車券、租借費用需要另外支付

장기 레슨 할인

AM Course Programs Private
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
1 23,000 JPY 45,000 JPY 67,000 JPY 87,000 JPY 104,000 JPY
2~3 30,000 JPY 59,000 JPY 87,000 JPY 114,000 JPY 135,000 JPY
4~6 35,000 JPY 69,000 JPY 102,000 JPY 133,000 JPY 158,000 JPY
Private Lesson
1 2 3 4 5
1 33,000 JPY 65,000 JPY 97,000 JPY 127,000 JPY 154,000 JPY
2~3 40,000 JPY 79,000 JPY 117,000 JPY 154,000 JPY 185,000 JPY
4~6 45,000 JPY 89,000 JPY 132,000 JPY 173,000 JPY 208,000 JPY
1 Day Course Program Private Lesson
4h / 1Day
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
1 42,000 JPY 82,000 JPY 122,000 JPY 160,000 JPY 189,000 JPY
2~3 50,000 JPY 98,000 JPY 145,000 JPY 190,000 JPY 225,000 JPY
4~6 60,000 JPY 118,000 JPY 175,000 JPY 228,000 JPY 270,000 JPY
Private Lesson
5h / 1Day
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
1 52,000 JPY 102,000 JPY 152,000 JPY 200,000 JPY 239,000 JPY
2~3 60,000 JPY 118,000 JPY 175,000 JPY 230,000 JPY 275,000 JPY
4~6 70,000 JPY 138,000 JPY 205,000 JPY 268,000 JPY 320,000 JPY
Private Lesson
6h / 1Day
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
1 64,000 JPY 127,000 JPY 190,000 JPY 251,000 JPY 309,000 JPY
2~3 76,000 JPY 151,000 JPY 225,000 JPY 298,000 JPY 365,000 JPY
4~6 85,000 JPY 169,000 JPY 251,000 JPY 333,000 JPY 413,000 JPY


  • Applicable for full payment on the day of the course
  • No refund will be made in case of cancellation due to the guest’s reason.
  • Short-term and PM programs do not include continuous admission privileges.

일본어 사이트 상에서 더욱 자세한 내용을 확인할 수 있습니다.

Children’s ski school is available by advance reservation. Please make a reservation through WEB or by phone before 17:00 on the day before the course date. No lessons will be accepted on the day you do not apply for a reservation.

Click the button below to apply for a ski / snowboard school reservation.

3 Big Reasons for Children To Hate Skiing




10 More Detailed Reasons

Snow is too soft to walk.

Some technical terms are difficult to understand.

I can never make the skis under control!!

Shorter skis are much easier than longer skis.

I’m trying to move forward but the skis just won’t listen to me…

They say I need to make an angle…
but what’s that mean??

Sometimes I learn slow…

The slope is scary!

I get bored easily.

My back aches when speeding.


Our APPI Happy Kids School can solve all these problems!

APPI Happy Kids School is the first school to bring in the “Magic Lesson” program in the Tohoku region. The Man-Made ski slope and the friction mat are unique to this program, also the one and only teaching way which is developing in Japan.


Magic Lesson ski lesson program for everyone to enjoy and learn!

Magic lesson is for children who have never skied before or have tried once but can’t ski by themselves.

Skis for Practice

Skis for Practice

These skis make specially for lessons. You can choose from the skis with 68cm, 78cm, 88cm and 108cm depend on your heights.

Indoor Man-Made Ski Slope Mat

Indoor Man-Made Ski Slope Mat

This mat reduces the fear of falling, so children can practice in a better condition.

Outdoor Ski Slope for Practice

Outdoor Ski Slope for Practice

We have a ski slope and a ski escalator for real snow skiing debut, so they can promise safety and convenience.

Improve Fast with Magic Instruments

Improve Fast with Magic Instruments

Instruments made to enhance the power of stretching, bending, and hitting will help children to become a better skier!

★After practicing at the indoor studio, children can finally ski without fears on the actual snow.


The instruments at the indoor studio or outdoor ski slope are like toys to grab children’s attention. The toy are full of secrets which allow children to learn correct postures and edging.

Lesson Flow

Lesson has the first part, training indoor, and the second part, training outdoor.

Once we do warm-up exercises, let’s go outside with the skis♪
Children can get used to skis by walking around the area.

Then, let’s practice on the friction mat! The instruments will attract and motivate children.

In the second part, children can finally ski out-side using the same instruments to assure their safety.

The snow escalator can help you go up without any stress!

Lesson Schedule

Reception Time 8:30-13:30
AM 10:00-12:00
PM 13:30-15:30
  • You can choose one lesson for half-day (2 hrs) or one-day (4 hrs with lunch break time.)
  • Please complete the reception 30 minutes before lesson start time.

*27-31 Dec 2020,1-3 Jan 2021 is Year-end and New Year special rate period

2020-21 Happy Kids School Lesson Fee

Normal Day Year-end,New year Period
General program (group lesson)
8,500 JPY / 2hrs 10,500 JPY / 2hrs
14,500 JPY / 4hrs 17,500 JPY / 4hrs
Private program
1 person 26,000 JPY / 2hrs 45,000 JPY / 2hrs
36,000 JPY / 4hrs 60,000 JPY / 4hrs
2 people 31,000 JPY / 2hrs 50,000 JPY / 2hrs
41,000 JPY / 4hrs 65,000 JPY / 4hrs
3 people 36,000 JPY / 2hrs 55,000 JPY / 2hrs
46,000 JPY / 4hrs 70,000 JPY / 4hrs
  • The total price is for 2 or 3 people in the private program.
  • Prices include ski for lessons, ski boots, helmets. Exclusive slope usage fee included.
  • Lift challenge lessons are only available for private programs.
  • Reservations for private programs arrange by phone or at the counter.


Age Range:
Business Period:
Classes start daily from Saturday, December 12, 2020 to Sunday, March 28, 2021
What to Bring:
Ski wear, goggles, knit hat, gloves, high socks.

*Goggles: Required in all weather to protect your eyes from UV rays and snow.

  • Please get dressed in your ski wear when you come to the lesson.
  • Please have a hat without any accessory in case it doesn’t fit in your helmet.
  • Please wear comfortable and quick-drying underwear.
  • Please wear long socks to prevent any damage caused by friction inside the ski boots.
  • Neck warmer (useful for cold weather around the neck).
  • If your child still wears a diaper, please make sure to bring enough of them.
  • If you are a repeater to the lesson, please show us the lesson card before the class begins.


(Hours 8:15-17:00)

스키・스노우보드 스쿨 WEB신청

스쿨 WEB신청의 경우 더욱 간편하게 예약할 수 있습니다. ※외국어 대응 가능 강사 수는 한정되어 있습니다.

스키・스노우보드 스쿨 예약 신청버튼

앗피고원 스키장 신종 코로나 바이러스 감염증 대책

자연 속에서 즐기는 스키와 스노우보드는 통기성이 좋기 때문에 야외 스포츠로 안전하게 즐길 수 있지만, 3밀(밀집/밀접/밀폐)의 가능성이 있는 장소에 대해서는 정부 및 관계 기관이 정한 가이드 라인에 의거하여 감염 대책을 실시하고 있습니다. 저희 스키장에서 안전하고 즐겁게 지내실 수 있도록 고객님의 많은 양해와 협조 부탁 드립니다.