Kids Land

KIDS LAND was planned to open until 2nd April, however, it has been closed for this season on 26th March due to melting snow. Free sledding area is open next to Central 1st lift from 27th March. *Rental for sled is available at the rental counter in Appi Plaza 1F (600 JPY for one sled).

Time to snow adventure.

KIDS LAND Play in the snow, First challenge for skiing and snowboarding Snow play land makes everyone happy.

More enjoy, more exciting in APPI Snow Play Land. It is also recommended for the first time ski and snowboard challenges. There are various activities such as tubing, sled and snow rafting, both children and adults can enjoy here!

Magic Carpet

A 60m Magic Carpet is installed, which is much longer than ever. You can easily move from bottom to top in a large park. It is convenient for both skiing and snowboarding for the first time and playing in the snow.

Ski and snowboard area

You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding safely. The area has been expanded, not only children but also adults can enjoy. If it is your first challenge for skiing or snowboarding, let’s try on a gentle slope first. The slope is easy to climb with a Magic Carpet, and the slope is gentle. Since it is completely separated from the general slopes by the net, you can practice safely and enjoyably.

Sled area

Have fun sledding in the dedicated area. Various snow items such as plastic sled, snowracer, snow strider, and ZIPFY.It is also possible to bring your own similar items. (We may ask you to refrain from using items depending on their shape and size.)

Tubing area

Tubing is very popular not only with children but also with adults. The course has been expanded, and it is a thrilling experience (the course might be changed depending on the snow conditions).

Snow play area

A snow play area for small children and their families. You can use some snow play items and plastic play equipment freely. You can enjoy playing in the snow with your family safely and enjoyably.

*Other activities are coming soon.

Open period

17th December 2022 – 2nd April 2022

Open hours

9:30 am – 4:00 pm


Buy one of “Green pass, Blue pass, Gold Pass” at the resort center.
Pass through the gate system.

Anyone (*adult only is also available)
Preschoolers must be accompanied by an adult (junior high school student or above).

What is APPI Snow Play Land ?

It is safe and secure because it is completely separated from the general slopes on the net. The gentle slope is good for skiing and snowboarding for the first time. The 60m long Magic Carpet makes climbing easy. From children to adults, let’s make your ski and snowboard debut fun and safely in APPI Snow Play Land!
In addition, there are sled area, tubing area, large and small sleds and tubing, and many new snow items. Not only children but also adults who do not ski or snowboard can play with tubing and new snow items a lot.
There is also a snow play area where small children and their families can play in the snow, and there are plenty of play equipment such as plastic shovels, buckets, snow ball making items, and plastic mini skis and slide.