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Appi Kogen is located in the center of North Tohoku, 40 degrees north latitude. Get to Appi Kogen from other areas in Japan by JR, airplane, bus, and car. Check the best way how to get here.

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From Iwate Hanamaki Airport to Appi Kogen

Bus and train[Approx.105 min]

The shuttle bus of Appi Kogen station is currently not run.

From Ohdate Noshiro Airport to Appi Kogen

Bus and train[Approx.210 min]

From Sendai International Airport to Appi Kogen

Train [Approx.180 min *at the earliest]


From Morioka station to Appi Kogen

Morioka station
⇔ Appi Kogen Chartered bus [Approx.60 min]

<Hotel guests only>Morioka station⇔Appi Kogen (IHR chartered bus) Timetable

Golden Week & weekends in May
28th April 2023 – 8th May 2023
12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th,27th, and 28th May

*Fare (one-way):
Adult (12 years old and above): 3,000 JPY
Child (6-11 years old) : 1,500 JPY

Booking is required. Since we cannot accept bookings after deadline, early booking is recommended.

Morioka station →Appi Kogen
Bus stop Time
Morioka station west gate 11:35 am 3:50 pm
(Tohoku Highway)
ANA Crowne Plaza Resort Appi Kogen 12:35 pm 4:50 pm
Appi Kogen→Morioka station
Bus stop Time
ANA Crowne Plaza Resort Appi Kogen 9:35 am 1:30 pm
(Tohoku Highway)
Morioka station west gate 10:35 am 2:30 pm

◎For InterContinental guests, please get on and off at ANA Crowne Plaza Resort.

Bus company/ E&T Co., Ltd. or other bus company the same as this
Booking/Booking is required by 5:00 pm, 4 days in advance.
Depart from 26 bus stop at Morioka station west gate bus terminal.

  • The number of seats on the bus is limited. Please note that booking might not be accepted if the capacity is full even before the deadline.
  • The bus booking cannot be accepted if the schedule does not match the hotel booking.
  • The bus booking cannot be accepted if there is no hotel booking.
  • The chartered bus is also bookable who already have the hotel booking with other rate plans.
    Book throughIHR chartered bus booking form, the hotel booking ID is required (IHR membership sign up is required to book the bus).
  • The bus will depart on time, so come to the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the departure time not to miss the bus.


旅行業務取扱管理者 小野美樹子


Train[Approx.60 min]


The timetable may be changed. Please check the latest information withJR East official website.

Morioka station →Appi Kogen
Morioka station Appi Kogen station
5:00 am 5:59 am
6:55 am 8:02 am
9:53 am 10:55 am
12:35 pm 1:35 pm
4:39 pm 5:39 pm
6:06 pm 7:06 pm
8:02 pm 9:03 pm
Appi Kogen→Morioka station
Appi Kogen station Morioka station
6:36 am 7:37 am
7:17 am 8:20 am
8:39 am 9:40 am
11:37 am 12:40 pm
12:48 pm 1:56 pm
3:31 pm 4:31 pm
7:39 pm 8:37 pm
9:37 pm 10:44 pm

This information is as of 13th March 2021.


From Appi Kogen station to Appi Hotels

For guests who use Appi Kogen station

For hotel guests, the shuttle bus is available from Appi Kogen station to Appi hotels.

The bus will be run according to guest’s requests, please call and let us know the arrival or departure time as early as possible. Also, please call us if the arrival time is changed.

ANA Crowne Plaza Resort Appi Kogen TEL: +81 195-73-5011


Via each IC, highway

In winter, please use snow tires and tire chains and drive safely. We recommend giving lots of time depending on the weather or road condition.